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Canary Wharf London


Our Background

Since our establishment in 2008 by Cristinel Solomon, Tim K Construction Ltd has been dedicated to providing specialist dry lining services to our valued clients across London and surrounding areas. Trading initially as labour only, Tim K has gradually transformed into supply and fix with hard work and determination.   


Over the years, we have grown and evolved, but our commitment to excellence has remained unchanged. We adopt a practical approach to every part of our business and keep it simple. Whether it is a £1m or £10m project, professionalism, flexibility and a “can do” attitude define how we approach the task at hand. 


Every project we take on is as important to us as it is to our client – we value it accordingly.  Tim K helps generate value by providing hands-on support from the design phase through to project completion.  “To be an integral part of our client’s supply chain, offering tangible benefits on a continuous basis”.  We offer our clients a dynamic structure led by our senior team supported by a full range of design, technical and project delivery expertise

Below are Procedures use across all of our projects:

• Prior to commencement – Understand all critical dimensions

• Dedicated full time engineer to set out works in advance

• Benchmark – mock up built and agreed with project team

• Understand tolerances and what's achievable

• Both client and TIMK agree QITP and how to measure quality

• Plan for protection of finished work fully co-ordinated 

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